Issues Fixed in Altus Director

The following sections describe fixed issues in each Altus Director release.

Issues Fixed in Altus Director 6.1

LDAP authentication causes errors in usage-based billing

Altus Director can be configured to use a backing LDAP server, such as OpenLDAP or Active Directory, for its own user accounts. When configured as such, Altus Director fails to correctly collect usage information from itself that is needed to perform usage-based billing. This does not affect the normal functioning of Altus Director, but only causes the creation of malformed usage information that Cloudera is unable to process into billing records.

Cloudera Issue: DIR-8905

Incorrect migration of Cloudera Altus Director database from H2 to MySQL causes upgrade to fail

The previously published instructions for migrating Altus Director data from H2 to MySQL resulted in an incorrect schema. This schema allows Altus Director to operate, but causes problems when you upgrade Altus Director to a later version.

The instructions in the Altus Director documentation are now fixed. To migrate Altus Director data from H2 to MySQL, follow the instructions in Migrating the Altus Director Database.

If you followed the incorrect instructions for migrating Altus Director data from H2 to MySQL, you can fix the database schema so that you do not encounter problems when you upgrade Altus Director.

To fix the database schema in the MySQL database, complete the following steps:
  1. Stop Altus Director.
  2. Create a backup of the MySQL database to be fixed.

    Use the mysqldump command to back up the data and create a file of the SQL commands. Back up all tables except tables with names that start with PIPELINE_ and tables with names that end in _schema_version.

    Run the following command:
    $ mysqldump -u DatabaseUser -p -h DatabaseServer --no-create-info DatabaseName \
     CLUSTERS CLUSTER_UPDATE_EVENTS > directordump.sql

    The --no-create-info parameter ensures that the command does not export the incorrect schemas.

  3. Create a new MySQL external database and configure Altus Director to use the new external database.

    For more information about creating and configuring a MySQL database for Altus Director, see Using MySQL for Altus Director Server.

  4. Start Altus Director and wait until the initialization process completes and the server is ready.

    During the initialization process, Altus Director creates the required schema in the MySQL database configured for its use.

  5. Stop Altus Director again.
  6. Delete the default data from the AUTHORITIES, USERS, and SERVER_CONFIGS tables in the new external MySQL database.
    Run the following command:
    mysql -u Databaseuser -p -h DatabaseServer \
  7. Load the backup data into the new external MySQL database.
    Run the following command:
    mysql -u Databaseuser -p -h DatabaSeserver DatabaseName < directordump.sql
  8. Start Altus Director again.

Cloudera Issue: DIR-8507

Failure to install Cloudera Manager repositories behind a proxy

When Altus Director 6.0 runs behind a proxy, it is unable to perform a remote lookup on the version of Cloudera Manager in a package repository which is available over the internet.

Cloudera Issue: DIR-8758

Deployment refresh for Cloudera Manager 6 fails

Altus Director regularly refreshes its knowledge of Cloudera Manager deployments to pick up recent changes. It is common for the URL of the GPG signing key for Cloudera Manager 6 packages to be unavailable after installation. When this happens, Altus Director's refresh process fails with an exception and does not complete.

Cloudera Issue: DIR-8867

Incorrect Kerberos administrative password in rendered HOCON

In cases where Altus Director returns HOCON for a deployment template, such as exporting a cluster configuration file, the Kerberos administrative password, if present, was rendered instead as the Kerberos administrative username.

Cloudera Issue: DIR-8791

The convert-remote CLI command not listed in usage message

The documented convert-remote CLI command in Altus Director Client is not listed in the usage message output by the CLI. The command works as documented.

Cloudera Issue: DIR-8797

AWS "User data (unencoded)" field in Altus Director UI does not support newlines

If the user tries to provide AWS EC2 User Data that includes newlines using the "User data (unencoded)" in the UI, the specified value is not persisted properly.

Cloudera Issue: DIR-8557

Lowercase Cloudera Director roles in LDAP role mappings do not work under Active Directory

When defining LDAP role mappings for Active Directory, the Cloudera Director role specified for a mapping will not work if it is specified as lower case. For example, the keyword "admin" in the following line: admin 

Cloudera Issue: DIR-8552

Failure to install Cloudera Manager repository definition when Cloudera Manager is already installed

When using an image which already has Cloudera Manager installed, Altus Director may still be instructed to install a different version, resulting in the presence of repository definitions for two different Cloudera Manager versions. This causes Altus Director to become confused about which version is correct, resulting in failure.

Cloudera Issue: DIR-8877