Upgrading CDH

Minimum Required Role: Cluster Administrator (also provided by Full Administrator)

This topic describe how to upgrade CDH from any 5.x version to a higher version of CDH, including major, minor and maintenance releases, using Cloudera Manager and parcels (recommended) or packages.
  • Parcels – This option uses Cloudera Manager to upgrade CDH and allows you to upgrade your cluster either using a full restart of the cluster, or you can perform a rolling restart if you have HDFS high availability enabled and have a Cloudera Enterprise license. The use of Parcels requires that your cluster be managed by Cloudera Manager. This includes any components that are not a regular part of CDH, such as Spark 2.
  • Packages – This option is the most time consuming and requires you to log in using ssh and execute a series of package commands on all hosts in your cluster. Cloudera recommends that you instead upgrade your cluster using parcels, which allows Cloudera Manager to distribute the upgraded software to all hosts in the cluster without having to log in to each host. If the CDH cluster you are upgrading was installed using packages, you can upgrade it using parcels, and the upgraded version of CDH will then use parcels for future upgrades or changes. You can also migrate your cluster from using packages to using parcels before starting the upgrade.

There are limitations on the versions of CDH that are eligible for upgrades. See Supported Upgrade Paths.