Upgrading Cloudera Manager

Minimum Required Role: Cluster Administrator (also provided by Full Administrator)

This topic describes how to upgrade Cloudera Manager from any 5.x or 6.x version to a higher version of Cloudera Manager 5.x or 6.x, including major, minor, and maintenance releases using operating system command-line package commands, and then complete the upgrade using Cloudera Manager. Upgrades to Cloudera Manager 6.x are only possible from Cloudera Manager 5.7 or higher.

There are other limitations on the versions of Cloudera Manager and CDH that are eligible for upgrades. See Supported Upgrade Paths.

Cloudera Navigator is also upgraded when you upgrade Cloudera Manager.

The Cloudera Manager upgrade process does the following:
  • Upgrades the database schema to reflect the current version.
  • Upgrades the Cloudera Manager Server and all supporting services.
  • Upgrades the Cloudera Manager agents on all hosts.
  • Redeploys client configurations to ensure that client services have the most current configuration.
  • Upgrades Cloudera Navigator.

Upgrading Cloudera Manager does not upgrade CDH clusters. See Upgrading CDH for CDH upgrade procedures.