Cloudera Connector for Netezza User Guide

The Cloudera Connector for Netezza is designed to use Netezza high-throughput data-transfer mechanisms to import and export data to HDFS. Cloudera Connector for Netezza is a standard Sqoop extension that allows Sqoop to interoperate with Netezza Data Appliance through Netezza JDBC drivers found in the Netezza client v5.0 package. After installation, this connector allows various Sqoop tools such assqoop-import and sqoop-export to operate in highly efficient direct modes and exposes some Netezza-specific options.

This document describes how to install and configure this connector in a Sqoop installation, and provides reference information for connector operation. This document is intended for:

  • System and application programmers
  • System administrators
  • Database administrators
  • Data analysts
  • Data engineers