Cloudera Connector Powered by Teradata User Guide

Cloudera Connector Powered by Teradata provides high-speed data transfer between Teradata and CDH.

This connector allows various Sqoop tools, such as sqoop-import and sqoop-export, to operate in highly efficient direct modes, and expose options that are specific to Teradata.

This guide describes how to install, configure, and use the connector in a Sqoop 1 installation and provides reference information for connector operation. This guide is intended for:

  • System and application programmers
  • System administrators
  • Database administrators
  • Data analysts
  • Data engineers

Version Scheme for Teradata Connector

This topic describes the versioning scheme used for Cloudera Connector Powered by Teradata. The version string consists of the following parts:


  • <major_Sqoop_version>: Identifies the major version of Sqoop for which the connector has been compiled. Currently, its only values are 1 and 2.
  • <Connector_version>: Revision of the connector itself, possible values are 1, 2, 3, 4.…
  • <major_CDH_version>: The major CDH version for which the connector has been compiled and tested.
For example:
  • 1.6c5 - Sixth revision of a Sqoop 1-based connector that is compatible with CDH 5.