What's new

This section lists major features and updates for the Replication Manager service in CDP Private Cloud Data Services.

Incremental replication of Ozone data using Ozone replication policies

You can choose the “Full file listing”, “Incremental only”, or “Incremental with fallback to full file listing” option as a Listing method during the Ozone replication policy creation process. This choice determines the replication method that Ozone replication policy uses to replicate Ozone data.

For more information, see Ozone replication policies

Monitor statistics for replication policies on Grafana dashboards in Management Console

You can monitor statistics for all the replication policies on the following Grafana dashboards in the CDP Private Cloud Data Services > Management Console > Dashboard > Monitoring Dashboard page:

  • Replication Manager Overview
  • Replication Manager Policy Metrics

For more information, see Monitor replication policy statistics on Monitoring Dashboard.

Support for empty replication policy name

You must provide a unique name to the replication policy during the replication policy creation process if the Cloudera Manager API version is 51 or higher.

For other Cloudera Manager API versions, you can continue to use an existing replication policy with an empty name. However, if you edit the replication policy and provide a name for the replication policy, ensure that the name conforms to the validation rules.

For more information, see Managing HDFS replication policy, Managing Hive replication policy, or Managing Ozone replication policy.