3.6.2. How to Delete a Component

To delete a component using Ambari Web, on Hosts choose the host FQDN on which the component resides.

  1. In Components, find a decommissioned component.

  2. Stop the component, if necessary.


    A decommissioned slave component may restart in the decommissioned state.

  3. For a decommissioned component, choose Delete from the component drop-down menu.

  4. Restart the Ganglia and Nagios services.


    Restarting services enables Ambari to recognize and monitor the correct number of components.

    Deleting a slave component, such as a DATANODE does not automatically inform a master component, such as a NAMENODE to remove the slave component from its exclusion list. Adding a deleted slave component back into the cluster presents the following issue; the added slave remains decommissioned from the master's perspective. Restart the master component, as a work-around.

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