5.6.1. Percent RegionServers live

This service-level alert is triggered if the configured percentage of Region Server processes cannot be determined to be up and listening on the network for the configured critical threshold. The default setting is 10% to produce a WARN alert and 30% to produce a CRITICAL alert. It uses the check_aggregate plug-in to aggregate the results of RegionServer process down checks. Potential causes
  • Misconfiguration or less-than-ideal configuration caused the RegionServers to crash

  • Cascading failures brought on by some workload caused the RegionServers to crash

  • The RegionServers shut themselves own because there were problems in the dependent services, ZooKeeper or HDFS

  • GC paused the RegionServer for too long and the RegionServers lost contact with Zoo­keeper Possible remedies
  • Check the dependent services to make sure they are operating correctly.

  • Look at the RegionServer log files (usually /var/log/hbase/*.log) for further information

  • Look at the configuration files (/etc/hbase/conf)

  • If the failure was associated with a particular workload, try to understand the workload better

  • Restart the RegionServers

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