5.10.2. Ganglia Monitor process

These host-level alerts check if the Ganglia monitor daemons (gmond) on the Ganglia server are running and listening on the network port. This alert uses the Nagios check_tcp plug-in.

Ganglia Monitoring daemons run for the following collections:

  • Slaves

  • NameNode

  • HBase Master

  • JobTracker (Hadoop 1 only)

  • ResourceManager (Hadoop 2 only)

  • HistoryServer (Hadoop 2 only) Potential causes
  • A gmond process is down.

  • A gmond process is hanging.

  • The network connection is down between the Nagios and Ganglia servers. Possible remedies
  • Check the gmond related log in /var/log/messages for any errors.

  • Check if ping works between Nagios and Ganglia servers.

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