Chapter 13. Tuning Ambari Performance

For clusters larger than 200 nodes, consider the following tuning options:

  1. Calculate the new, larger cache size, using the following relationship:


    where <cluster_size> is the number of nodes in the cluster.

  2. On the Ambari Server host, in /etc/ambari-server/conf/ambari-properties, add the following property and value:


    where <ecCacheSizeValue> is the value calculated previously, based on the number of nodes in the cluster.

  3. Add the following properties to adjust the JDBC connection pool settings:






  4. If using MySQL as the Ambari database, increase the timeout in MySQL from 15 minutes to 8 hours and the max connections from 32 to 128.

  5. Restart Ambari Server.

    ambari-server restart

  6. If you are using the Ambari Metrics service, you might want to consider switching from the default embedded mode to distributed mode, as well as other tuning options. See Advanced Configurations for Ambari Metrics for more information.

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