Administering Ambari
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Basic Concepts

Views are basically Web applications that can be “plugged into” Ambari. Just like a typical web application, a View can include server-side resources and client-side assets. Server-side resources, which are written in Java, can integrate with external systems (such as cluster services) and expose REST end-points that are used by the view. Client-side assets, such as HTML/JavaScript/CSS, provide the UI for the view that is rendered in the Ambari Web interface.

Ambari Views Framework Ambari exposes the Views Framework as the basis for View development. The Framework provides the following:

  • Method for describing and packaging a View

  • Method for deploying a View

  • Framework services for a View to integrate with Ambari

  • Method for managing View versions, instances, and permissions

The Views Framework is separate from Views themselves. The Framework is a core feature of Ambari and Views build on that Framework. Although Ambari does include some Views out-of-the-box, the feature of Ambari is the Framework to enable the development, deployment and creation of views.

The development and delivery of a View follows this process flow:

  • Develop the View (similar to how you would build a Web application)

  • Package the View (similar to a WAR)

  • Deploy the View into Ambari (using the Ambari Administration interface)

  • Create and configure instances of the View (performed by Ambari Admins)

Considering the above, it is important to understand the different personas involved. The following table describes the three personas:



View Developer

Person who builds the front-end and back-end of a View and uses the Framework services available during development. The Developer created the View, resulting in a View Package that is delivered to an Ambari Admin.

Ambari Admin

Ambari user that has Ambari Admin privilege and uses the Views Management section of the Ambari Administration interface to create and managing instances of Views. Ambari Admin also deploys the View Packages delivered by the View Developer.

View User

Ambari user that has access to one or more Views in Ambari Web. Basically, this is the end user.


This document covers the tasks related to an Ambari Admin using and making Views available to users in their Ambari deployment. This document does not cover View development and packaging. See Additional Information for more information on where to obtain information about developing Views.