Administering Ambari
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Setting View Permissions

After a view instance has been created, an Ambari Admin can set which users and groups can access the view by setting the Use permission. By default, after view instance creation, no permissions are set on a view.

To set permissions on a view:

  1. Browse to a view and expand. For example, browse to the Slider or Jobs view.

  2. Click on the view instance you want to modify.

  3. In the Permissions section, click the Users or Groups control.

  4. Modify the user and group lists as appropriate.

  5. Click the check mark to save changes.


The Framework provides a way for view developers to specify custom permissions, beyond just the default Use permission. If custom permissions are are specified, they will show up in the Ambari Administration interface and the Ambari Admin can set users and groups on these permissions. See Additional Information for more information on developing with the Views framework.