Administering Ambari
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Deploying a View

Deploying a View involves obtaining the View Package and making the View available to the Ambari Server. Each View deployed has a unique name. Multiple versions of a View can be deployed at the same time. You can configure multiple versions of a View for your users, depending on their roles, and deploy these versions at the same time.

  1. Obtain the View package. For example, files-0.1.0.jar.

  2. On the Ambari Server host, browse to the views directory.

    cd /var/lib/ambari-server/resources/views

  3. Copy the View package into place.

  4. Restart Ambari Server.

    ambari-server restart

  5. The View is extracted, registered with Ambari, and displays in the Ambari Administration interface as available to create instances.


/var/lib/ambari-server/resources/views is the default directory into which Views are deployed. You can change the default location by editing the views.dir property in

For more information about building Views, see the Apache Ambari Wiki page.