Apache Ambari Release Notes
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Fixed Issues

Fixed issues represents selected issues that were previously logged via Hortonworks Support, but are now addressed in the current release. These issues may have been reported in previous versions within the Known Issues section; meaning they were reported by customers or identified by Hortonworks Quality Engineering team.


Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-120097 AMBARI-25278 Fix aggregate metric in Kafka's Grafana dashboard
BUG-100002 AMBARI-23478 YARN Cluster CPU Usage Graph Always Shows High CPU Usage


Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-120711 AMBARI-25320 NIFI-Hosts dashboard does not show any metrics in Grafana
BUG-120503 AMBARI-25293 Logsearch: logfeeder throws NPE when updating checkpoint
BUG-120353 AMBARI-25305 Ambari UI gets into corrupt state after installing a cluster
BUG-120078 AMBARI-25275 Changes in Yarn Capacity Scheduler is requesting for restart of Resource Manager
BUG-119973 AMBARI-24950 Logsearch: use os timezone in Logfeeder
BUG-119367 Ambari-25234 Ambari audit log shows "null" user when executing an API call as admin
BUG-119103 AMBARI-25093 Spark2 Thrift Server alert does not work with HTTPS/SSL
BUG-118993 AMBARI-25210 ONEFS installation via blueprint fails
BUG-118727 AMBARI-25196 HDFS Service Checking with an ClassNotFound Error in Ambari WFManager view
BUG-118660 AMBARI-25080AMBARI-25088 CLONE - Unable to install Hive service
BUG-118561 AMBARI-25187 Kerberos operations are shown in service action dropdown when not needed
BUG-118559 AMBARI-25186 Kerberos Client is unnecessarily installed via Blueprints when kerberos-env/kdc-type is none
BUG-117935 AMBARI-25165 Oozie service check fails due to import error
BUG-117930 AMBARI-25164 Rack "Config Refresh" behaviour is different in Ambari 2.6 and 2.7.3
BUG-117882 AMBARI-25159 http.strict-transport-security change does not take affect in 2.7.x
BUG-117868 AMBARI-25158 Dashboard is unable to load . Common console error : "SEVERE TypeError: widgetGroups is undefined"
BUG-117414 AMBARI-25168 Leader for a topic is assigned 'None'
BUG-117246 AMBARI-25151 HDFS running with root user has process limitation of 512 in SLES 12.2 when agent is started by SystemD
BUG-116898 AMBARI-25114 Login to Logsearch UI not possible if Ambari Server is configured with https
BUG-116328 AMBARI-25069 Empty baseurl values written to Repo Files when using a local repository causing stack installation failure
BUG-116216 AMBARI-25052 Unable to Add Services Due to toMapByProperty()
BUG-113969 AMBARI-25102 Dasboard metrics will not load for ambari user which has dot in their username.
BUG-113526 AMBARI-24848AMBARI-25096 Satellite repo cluster installation Issues
BUG-112761 AMBARI-24767 CLONE - Error while starting Timeline v2 Reader during Move operation
BUG-111201 AMBARI-24652 Grafana failed to show data for custom metrics
BUG-105818 AMBARI-9016 Ambari API uses HTTP Header Content-Type:text/plain when the content is JSON.
BUG-120905 AMBARI-25328 When spark_transport_mode is set to 'http' then STS server fails to start in Ambari 2.7 .


Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-119395 AMBARI-25235 Add a sysprep configurations to run conf-selects only a single time


Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-120219 AMBARI-25280 improper error handling when adding non-existent LDAP user
BUG-120086 AMBARI-25277 Security Concern as ambari-server.log and ambari-agent.log shows cleartext passwords.
BUG-118907 AMBARI-25204 Ambari returns stack trace in HTML doc when an error occurs retrieving details for an Ambari View resource that does not exist
BUG-118849 AMBARI-25201 Updating a user's password does not validate the administrator's current password.
BUG-118750 AMBARI-25200 Ambari returns stack trace in HTML doc when an error occurs retrieving details for a user resource that does not exist
BUG-118562 AMBARI-25283 Ambari UI evaluates Javascript embedded in user input when adding hosts, adding remote clusters, and renaming the cluster
BUG-117996 AMBARI-25169 Upgrade Apache Solr version to 7.7.0 or later in Ambari
BUG-116897 AMBARI-25141 LDAP password in cleartext in ldap-password.dat file after encrypting passwords


Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-119942 AMBARI-25272 Ambari UI default Ajax Timeout is 3 minutes but some operations in server can take more than that
BUG-118554 AMBARI-25185 Chrome and Firefox browsers are crashing while opening Ambari UI
BUG-116973 AMBARI-25123 /var/lib/ambari-agent/cache not updating (Ambari 2.7)


Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-119871 AMBARI-25269 Hive Server Interactive process alert triggered in HA setup


Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-120730 AMBARI-25311 FinalizeKerberosServerAction timeout has to be configurable
BUG-116406 AMBARI-25090 Logsearch should index keywords without the ending periods(.)
BUG-113845 AMBARI-24879 The kadmin service principal name should be configurable for MIT KDC interactions
BUG-113488 AMBARI-24847 [Logsearch Backend] I cannot search for a term that includes spaces or dashes