Apache Ambari Release Notes
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Known Issues

Ambari 2.7.4 has the following known issues, scheduled for resolution in a future release.

Table 1. Ambari 2.7.4 Known Issues

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BUG-120773 EU: Oozie SC fails java.io.IOException: Error while connecting Oozie server

If Ranger HA and/or Oozie Server HA is configured and a custom composite keytab file is being used, service checks for Ranger and Oozie will fail during the HDP 2.6 to HDP 3.1 Upgrade.

Re-create the custom Ranger and/or Oozie Server keytab files and re-try the service check, or ignore and proceed past the service check.

N/A BUG-121044 Storm service check failed after disabling kerberos We should create ZooKeeper superuser and remove/change permissions for credentials znode. Here are the detailed steps:
  • Login to any node with ZooKeeper Client and create digest for selected user:password pair:
    export ZK_CLASSPATH=/etc/zookeeper/conf/:/usr/hdp/current/zookeeper-server/lib/*:/usr/hdp/current/zookeeper-server/* 
    java -cp $ZK_CLASSPATH org.apache.zookeeper.server.
    auth.DigestAuthenticationProvider super:super123

where super:super123 is the user:password pair. We will get digest in output:

  • Update "zookeeper-env template" property on ZooKeeper service page with adding following line:
User should replace proposed digest with got one in previous step.
  • Restart all required services.
  • Login to any node with ZooKeeper Client and connect to ZooKeeper console:
    /usr/hdp/current/zookeeper-client/bin/zkCli.sh -server <zookeeperServerHostFQDN>:2181
  • Remove/change permissions for credential znode. User should use value of Storm's storm.zookeeper.root property instead <stormRoot>:
    delete /<stormRoot>/credentials
    or update permissions to available-to-all:
    setAcl /<stormRoot>/credentials world:anyone:cdrwa
After following the steps mentioned above Storm service check starts to pass.
N/A BUG-120925 Hbase Service check fails after upgrading to Ambari Make sure HDFS service is fully started and then restart the HBase service.
N/A BUG-113993

Document known issue with disabling security in AMS. On a cluster on which security was enabled in the past, if it is disabled, metrics collector start fails with an error.

Clear out the data on the znode specified in ams-hbase-site:zookeeper.znode.parent.
  • If AMS is in embedded mode, this can be done by deleting the directory as specified in the ams-hbase-site property 'HBase ZooKeeper Property DataDir'.
  • If AMS is in distributed mode, this can be done by deleting the znode in cluster zookeeper using zkCli.

    Instead of deleting the znode, changing the value of the znode from /ams-hbase-unsecure to something like /ams-hbase-unsecure-new is also OK.

N/A BUG-121151 Smartsense service does not start when upgrading from Ambari 2.7.1 (or older) to 2.7.4 on Debian 9 with openssl 1.1.0k installed. Disable starting of SmartSense services pre-upgrade. SmartSense services can only be started once upgrade to Ambari is successful.