Apache Ambari Release Notes
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Behavioral Changes

Behavioral changes denote a marked change in behavior from the previously released version to this version of Ambari. There are no behavioral changes in this version when compared to the previously released version.

Table 1. Apache Ambari 2.7.4 Behavioral Changes
Hortonworks Bug ID Apache Component Apache JIRA Summary Details


AMBARI-9016 Ambari API uses HTTP Header Content-Type:text/plain when the content is JSON


Ambari REST API is expecting "Content-Type" HTTP header set to "text/plain" even though content is in JSON format. If client specified the same header with the value of "application/json", Ambari threw HTTP 500 error.

Previous Behavior:Ambari behaviour was misleading forcing the user to use "text/plain" Content-Type header in HTTP clients.

New Behavior:

Ambari expects "application/json" Content-Type header.

Expected Customer Action:Revise any custom code which uses the Ambari REST API and take actions if needed