Managing High Availability
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Configuring HBase high availability

Ambari enables simple setup of multiple HBase Masters.

To help you achieve redundancy for high availability in a production environment, Apache HBase supports deployment of multiple HBase Masters in a cluster. If you are working in an HDP 2.2 or later environment, Apache Ambari enables simple setup of multiple HBase Masters. Hortonworks recommends that you use Ambari to configure multiple HBase Masters.

During the Apache HBase service installation and depending on your component assignment, Ambari installs and configures one HBase Master component and multiple RegionServer components. To configure high availability for the HBase service, you can run two or more HBase Master components. HBase uses ZooKeeper for coordination of the active Master in a cluster running two or more HBase Masters. This means, when active HBase Master fails, the client will be automatically routed to standby Master.