Managing High Availability
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Prepare node-1 for Hbase

Prevent the RegionServer on node-1 from starting.

Because node-1 should run your active Master and ZooKeeper processes, you must stop the RegionServer from starting on node-1.
  1. Edit conf/regionservers by removing the line that contains localhost and adding lines with the host name or IP addresseses for node-2 and node-3.
    If you want to run a RegionServer on node-1, you should refer to it by the hostname the other servers would use to communicate with it.
    For example, for node-1, it is called as
  2. Configure HBase to use node-2 as a backup Master by creating a new file in conf/ called backup-Masters, and adding a new line to it with the host name for node-2.
    For example,
  3. Configure ZooKeeper on node-1 by editing conf/hbase-site.xml and adding the following properties:
    This configuration directs HBase to start and manage a ZooKeeper instance on each node of the cluster. You can learn more about configuring ZooKeeper at the Apache Zookeeper project site.
  4. Change every reference in your configuration to node-1 as localhost to point to the host name that the other nodes use to refer to node-1.
    In this example,