Administering Ambari
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Adjust Ambari server heap size

Adjust the heap size on the Ambari server host to increase available memory.

  1. On the Ambari server host, edit the file:
    vi /var/lib/ambari-server/
  2. For the AMBARI_JVM_ARGS variable, replace the default -Xmx2048m with a value such as: -Xmx4GB -Xmn2GB based on the number of nodes in your cluster. Use the following recommendations as guidance:
    Table 1. Recommended Ambari Server heap size settings for large clusters
    Number of Cluster Nodes Xmx value Xmn value
    100 - 400 4 GB 2 GB
    400 - 800 4 GB 2 GB
    800 - 1200 8 GB 2 GB
    1200 - 1600 16 GB 2.4 GB