Using Ambari Views
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Set up YARN workflow queues

To set up Capacity Scheduler queues on a view instance.

  1. On the YARN Queue Manager view instance configuration page, click Add Queue.
    To return to a previously created YARN Queue Manager view instance:
    1. Click Views on the Manage Ambari page.
    3. Click the applicable YARN Queue Manager view instance, then click Go to instance at the top of the page.
      The queue will be added under the top-level, or root queue. A default queue already exists under the root queue.
  2. Type in a name for the new queue, then click the green check mark to create the queue.
    In the following example, we're creating a queue named Engineering.
    The Engineering queue is added, and its configuration page appears.
  3. Set the capacity for the Engineering queue to 60%.
    The sum of queue capacities at any level in the YARN Queue Manager configuration must total 100%. Here the default queue is already set to 100%. Therefore, if we try to set the Engineering queue capacity to 60%, error messages appear warning that the total at this level is 160%.
  4. If we click the Default queue and set its capacity to 0%, the Level Total bar at the top of the page lists the total queue capacity at this level as 60%.
  5. To add more queues at the root level, click the root queue, then click Add Queue.
    In the following example, we have added a Support queue set to 10% of the level capacity, and a Marketing queue set to 30%. The root-level queue capacities now total 100%.
  6. To save your configuration, click Actions > Save Only.
  7. On the Notes pop-up, enter an optional description of your changes, then click Save.
    Each version is retained and listed in the Versions box.
  8. To build a queue hierarchy, click a top-level queue, then click Add Queue.
    In the following example, the qa and development queues have been added under the Engineering queue.