Using Ambari Views
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Understanding Files View

You can access files and folders in a cluster's file system using the Ambari web user interface.

Ambari automatically creates one Files View, pointed to the HDFS file system, during cluster deployment. You can also create a custom view from the Files View instance that points to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 file system bucket.

To create a custom Files View to work with files in S3, provide the bucket URL, and valid AWS credentials in the Settings > View Configs field when you create the view instance that accesses an S3 bucket. You must enter the AWS credentials as a single string containing no space characters using the following syntax:

fs.defaultFS=s3a://[BUCKET_URL]/; fs.s3a.access.key=[VALID_ACCESS_KEY_STRING]; fs.s3a.secret.key[VALID_SECRET_KEY_STRING]