Editing Cloudbreak Profile

Cloudbreak deployer configuration is based on environment variables.

During startup, Cloudbreak deployer tries to determine the underlying infrastructure and then sets required environment variables with appropriate default values. If these environment variables are not sufficient for your use case, you can set additional environment variables in your Profile file.

Set Profile Variables

To set environment variables relevant for Cloudbreak Deployer, add them to a file called Profile located in the Cloudbreak deployment directory (typically /var/lib/cloudbreak-deployment).

The Profile file is sourced, so you can use the usual syntax to set configuration values:

export MY_VAR=some_value
export MY_OTHER_VAR=another_value 

After changing a property, you must regenerate the config file and restart the application by using cbd restart.

Check Available Profile Variables

To see all available environment variables with their default values, use:

cbd env show

Create Environment Specific Profiles

If you would like to use a different versions of Cloudbreak for prod and qa profile, you must create two environment specific configurations that can be sourced. For example:

For example, to create and use a prod profile, you need to:

  1. Create a file called Profile.prod
  2. Write the environment-specific export DOCKER_TAG_CLOUDBREAK=0.3.99 into Profile.prod to specify Docker image.
  3. Set the environment variable: CBD_DEFAULT_PROFILE=prod

To use the prod specific profile once, set:

CBD_DEFAULT_PROFILE=prod cbd some_commands

To permanently use the prod profile, set export CBD_DEFAULT_PROFILE=prod in your .bash_profile.

Profile Variables

Cloudbreak Variables

Refer to this list for available environment variables. The variables are listed with their default values. If default is unset, no value is listed.

Variable Name Default Value Description
ADDRESS_RESOLVING_TIMEOUT 120000 DNS lookup timeout for internal service discovery
CAPTURE_CRON_EXPRESSION SmartSense bundle generation time interval in cron format
CBD_CERT_ROOT_PATH "${PWD}/certs" Path where deployer stores Cloudbreak certificates. ${PWD} refers to the Cloudbreak deployment directory
CBD_LOG_NAME cbreak Name of the Cloudbreak log file
CBD_TRAEFIK_TLS "/certs/traefik/client.pem,/certs/traefik/client-key.pem" Path inside of the Traefik container where TLS files are located
CB_BLUEPRINT_DEFAULTS "hdp-small-default;hdp-spark-cluster;hdp-streaming-cluster" Comma separated list of the default blueprints that Cloudbreak initializes in its database
CB_BYOS_DFS_DATA_DIR "/hadoop/hdfs/data" (Deprecated) Default data directory for BYOS orchestrators
CB_COMPONENT_CLUSTER_ID SmartSense component cluster ID
CB_COMPONENT_ID SmartSense component ID
CB_COMPOSE_PROJECT cbreak Name of the Docker Compose project; it will appear in container names
CB_DB_ENV_DB "cbdb" Name of the Cloudbreak database
CB_DB_ENV_PASS "" Password for the Cloudbreak database authentication
CB_DB_ENV_SCHEMA "public" Schema used in the Cloudbreak database
CB_DB_ENV_USER "postgres" User for the Cloudbreak database authentication
CB_DB_ROOT_PATH "/var/lib/cloudbreak" (Deprecated) Location of the database volume on Cloudbreak host
CB_DEFAULT_GATEWAY_CIDR CIDR address range which is used by Cloudbreak to communicate with its managed clusters. For more information, refer to Restricting Inbound Access to Clusters.
CB_DEFAULT_SUBSCRIPTION_ADDRESS http://uluwatu.service.consul:3000/notifications URL of the default subscription for Cloudbreak notifications
CB_ENABLEDPLATFORMS Set this to disable specific cloud providers. Accepted values are: AZURE, AWS, GCP, OPENSTACK.
CB_ENABLE_CUSTOM_IMAGE "false" Set to "true" to enable custom cloud images
CBD_FORCE_START Set this to disable docker-compose.yml and uaa.yml validation
CB_HBM2DDL_STRATEGY "validate" Configures hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto in Cloudbreak
CB_HOST_DISCOVERY_CUSTOM_DOMAIN "" Custom domain of the provisioned cluster
CB_IMAGE_CATALOG_URL "https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/cloudbreak-info/cb-image-catalog.json" Image catalog URL
CB_INSTANCE_NODE_ID Unique identifier of the Cloudbreak node
CB_INSTANCE_PROVIDER Cloud provider of the Cloudbreak instance
CB_INSTANCE_REGION Cloud region of the Cloudbreak instance
CB_INSTANCE_UUID Unique identifier of Cloudbreak deployment
CB_JAVA_OPTS "" Extra Java options for Autoscale and Cloudbreak
CB_LOG_LEVEL "INFO" Log level of the Cloudbreak service
CB_MAX_SALT_NEW_SERVICE_RETRY 90 Salt orchestrator max retry count
CB_MAX_SALT_RECIPE_EXECUTION_RETRY 90 Salt orchestrator max retry count for recipes
CB_PLATFORM_DEFAULT_REGIONS Comma separated list of default regions by platform. For example: AWS:eu-west-1.
CB_PRODUCT_ID SmartSense product ID
CB_SCHEMA_MIGRATION_AUTO true When set to true, enables Cloudbreak automatic database schema update
CB_SMARTSENSE_CONFIGURE "false" Set to “true” to install and configure SmartSense on cluster nodes
CB_SMARTSENSE_CLUSTER_NAME_PREFIX SmartSense Cloudbreak cluster name prefix
CB_SMARTSENSE_ID "" SmartSense subscription ID
CB_TEMPLATE_DEFAULTS "minviable-gcp,minviable-azure,minviable-aws" Comma separated list of the default templates that Cloudbreak initializes in its database
CB_UI_MAX_WAIT 400 Wait timeout for cbd start-wait command
CERT_VALIDATION "true" When set to "true", enables cert validation in Cloudbreak and Autoscale
CLOUDBREAK_SMTP_AUTH "true" When set to "true", configures mail.smtp.auth in Cloudbreak
CLOUDBREAK_SMTP_SENDER_FROM "noreply@hortonworks.com" Email address of the sender
CLOUDBREAK_SMTP_SENDER_HOST "smtp.service.consul" SMTP server address of the hostname
CLOUDBREAK_SMTP_SENDER_USERNAME "admin" Username for SMTP authentication
CLOUDBREAK_SMTP_STARTTLS_ENABLE "false" Set to "true" to configure mail.smtp.starttls.enable in Cloudbreak
CLOUDBREAK_SMTP_TYPE "smtp" Defines mail.transport.protocol in CLoudbreak
COMMON_DB commondb Name of the database container
COMMON_DB_VOL common Name of the database volume
COMPOSE_HTTP_TIMEOUT 120 Docker Compose execution timeout
DB_DUMP_VOLUME cbreak_dump Name of the database dump volume
DB_MIGRATION_LOG "db_migration.log" Database migration log file
DEFAULT_INBOUND_ACCESS_IP "" Opens default ports on AWS instances for Cloudbreak
DOCKER_CONSUL_OPTIONS "" Extra options for Consul
DOCKER_IMAGE_CBD_SMARTSENSE hortonworks/cbd-smartsense SmartSense Docker image name
DOCKER_IMAGE_CLOUDBREAK hortonworks/cloudbreak Cloudbreak Docker image name
DOCKER_IMAGE_CLOUDBREAK_AUTH hortonworks/cloudbreak-auth Authentication service Docker image name
DOCKER_IMAGE_CLOUDBREAK_PERISCOPE hortonworks/cloudbreak-autoscale Autoscale Docker image name
DOCKER_IMAGE_CLOUDBREAK_SHELL hortonworks/cloudbreak-shell Cloudbreak Shell Docker image name
DOCKER_IMAGE_CLOUDBREAK_WEB hortonworks/cloudbreak-web Web UI Docker image name
DOCKER_TAG_ALPINE 3.1 Alpine container version
DOCKER_TAG_CBD_SMARTSENSE 0.10.0 SmartSense container version
DOCKER_TAG_CERT_TOOL 0.2.0 Cert tool container version
DOCKER_TAG_CLOUDBREAK 2.1.0-dev.70 Cloudbreak container version
DOCKER_TAG_CLOUDBREAK_SHELL 2.1.0-dev.70 Cloudbreak Shell container version
DOCKER_TAG_CONSUL 0.5 Consul container version
DOCKER_TAG_HAVEGED 1.1.0 Haveged container version
DOCKER_TAG_LOGROTATE 1.0.0 Logrotate container version
DOCKER_TAG_MIGRATION 1.0.0 Migration container version
DOCKER_TAG_PERISCOPE 2.1.0-dev.70 Autoscale container version
DOCKER_TAG_POSTFIX latest Postfix container version
DOCKER_TAG_POSTGRES 9.6.1-alpine Postgresql container version
DOCKER_TAG_REGISTRATOR v5 Registrator container version
DOCKER_TAG_SULTANS 2.1.0-dev.70 Authentication service container version
DOCKER_TAG_TRAEFIK v1.2.0 Traefik container version
DOCKER_TAG_UAA 3.6.5 Identity container version
DOCKER_TAG_ULUWATU 2.1.0-dev.70 Web UI container version
IDENTITY_DB_NAME "uaadb" Name of the Identity database
IDENTITY_DB_PASS "" Password for the Identity database authentication
IDENTITY_DB_URL "${COMMON_DB}.service.consul:5432" URL for the Identity database connection, including the port number
IDENTITY_DB_USER "postgres" User for the Identity database authentication
LOCAL_SMTP_PASSWORD "$UAA_DEFAULT_USER_PW" Default password for the internal mail server
PERISCOPE_DB_ENV_DB "periscopedb" Name of the Autoscale database
PERISCOPE_DB_ENV_PASS "" Password for the Autoscale database authentication
PERISCOPE_DB_ENV_SCHEMA "public" Schema used in the Autoscale database
PERISCOPE_DB_ENV_USER "postgres" User for the Autoscale database authentication
PERISCOPE_DB_PORT_5432_TCP_ADDR Address of the Autoscale database
PERISCOPE_DB_PORT_5432_TCP_PORT Port number of the Autoscale database
PERISCOPE_HBM2DDL_STRATEGY "validate" Configures hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto in Autoscale
PERISCOPE_LOG_LEVEL "INFO" Log level of the Autoscale service
PERISCOPE_SCHEMA_MIGRATION_AUTO true When set to "true", enables Autoscale automatic database schema update
PUBLIC_IP IP address or hostname of the public interface
REST_DEBUG "false" Set to "true" to enable REST call debug level in Cloudbreak and Autoscale
SL_ADDRESS_RESOLVING_TIMEOUT DNS lookup timeout of Authentication service for internal service discovery
SL_NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED "0" When set to "0", enables self-signed certifications in Authentication service
SULTANS_CONTAINER_PATH /sultans Default project location in Authentication service container
TRAEFIK_MAX_IDLE_CONNECTION 100 Sets --maxidleconnsperhost for Traefik to the value entered
UAA_CLOUDBREAK_ID cloudbreak Identity of the Cloudbreak scope in Identity
UAA_CLOUDBREAK_SECRET $UAA_DEFAULT_SECRET Secret of the Cloudbreak scope in Identity
UAA_CLOUDBREAK_SHELL_ID cloudbreak_shell Identity of the Cloudbreak Shell scope in Identity
UAA_DEFAULT_SECRET Default secret for all the scopes and encryptions
UAA_DEFAULT_USER_EMAIL admin@example.com Email address of default admin user
UAA_DEFAULT_USER_FIRSTNAME Joe First name of default admin user
UAA_DEFAULT_USER_GROUPS See here Default user groups of the users
UAA_DEFAULT_USER_LASTNAME Admin Last name of default admin user
UAA_DEFAULT_USER_PW Password of default admin user
UAA_FLEX_USAGE_CLIENT_ID flex_usage_client Identity of the Flex usage generator scope in Identity
UAA_FLEX_USAGE_CLIENT_SECRET $UAA_DEFAULT_SECRET Secret of the Flex usage generator scope in Identity
UAA_PERISCOPE_ID periscope Identity of the Autoscale scope in Identity
UAA_PERISCOPE_SECRET $UAA_DEFAULT_SECRET Secret of the Autoscale scope in Identity
UAA_PORT 8089 Identity service public port
UAA_SULTANS_ID sultans Identity of the Authentication service scope in Identity
UAA_SULTANS_SECRET $UAA_DEFAULT_SECRET Secret of the Authentication service scope in Identity
UAA_ULUWATU_ID uluwatu Identity of the Web UI scope in Identity
UAA_ULUWATU_SECRET $UAA_DEFAULT_SECRET Secret of the Web UI scope in Identity
UAA_ZONE_DOMAIN example.com External domain name for zone in Identity
ULUWATU_CONTAINER_PATH /uluwatu Default project location in the Web UI container
ULU_DEFAULT_SSH_KEY "" Default SSH key for the credentials in Cloudbreak
ULU_HOST_ADDRESS "https://$PUBLIC_IP" URL for the Web UI host
ULU_NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED "0" When set to "0", enables self-signed certifications in Web UI
ULU_OAUTH_REDIRECT_URI "$ULU_HOST_ADDRESS/authorize" Authorization page on Web UI
ULU_SUBSCRIBE_TO_NOTIFICATIONS "false" Set to “true” to enable email notifications for Cloudbreak events
ULU_SULTANS_ADDRESS "https://$PUBLIC_IP/sl" Authentication service URL
VERBOSE_MIGRATION false When set to true, enables verbose database migration

AWS Variables

Variable Name Default Value Description
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID "" Access key of the AWS account
AWS_ROLE_NAME cbreak-deployer Name of the AWS role for the cbd aws [generate-rol, show role] commands
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY "" Secret access key of the AWS account
CB_AWS_CUSTOM_CF_TAGS "" Comma separated list of AWS CloudFormation stack tags
CB_AWS_DEFAULT_CF_TAG "" Default tag for AWS CloudFormation stack
CB_AWS_DEFAULT_INBOUND_SECURITY_GROUP "" Default inbound policy name for AWS CloudFormation stack
CB_AWS_EXTERNAL_ID provision-ambari External ID of the assume role policy
CB_AWS_HOSTKEY_VERIFY "false" Enables host fingerprint verification on AWS
CB_AWS_VPC "" Configures the VPC ID on AWS. Set this variable if you are provisioning cluster to the same VPC where Cloudbreak is deployed on AWS.
CERTS_BUCKET "" S3 bucket name for backup and restore certificates via cbd aws [certs-restore-s3 certs-upload-s3] commands

Azure Variables

Variable Name Default Value Description
AZURE_SUBSCRIPTION_ID Azure subscription ID for interactive login in the web UI
AZURE_TENANT_ID Azure tenant ID for interactive login in the web UI

GCP Variables

Variable Name Default Value Description
CB_GCP_HOSTKEY_VERIFY "false" When set to "true", enables host fingerprint verification on GCP

Local Development Variables

Variable Name Default Value Description
CB_LOCAL_DEV_BIND_ADDR "" Ambassador external address for local development of Cloudbreak and Autoscale
CB_SCHEMA_SCRIPTS_LOCATION "container" Location of Cloudbreak schema update files
DOCKER_TAG_AMBASSADOR 0.5.0 Ambassador container version for local development
PERISCOPE_SCHEMA_SCRIPTS_LOCATION "container" Location of Cloudbreak schema update files
PRIVATE_IP $BRIDGE_IP IP address or hostname of the private interface
REMOVE_CONTAINER "--rm" When set to "--rm" (default), removes side effect containers for debug purpose. Set to " " to keep side effect containers for debug purpose
SULTANS_VOLUME_HOST /dev/null Location of the locally developed Authentication service project
UAA_SCHEMA_SCRIPTS_LOCATION "container" Location of Identity schema update files
ULUWATU_VOLUME_HOST /dev/null Location of the locally developed web UI project

MacOS Variables

Variable Name Default Value Description
DOCKER_MACHINE "" Name of the Docker Machine where Cloudbreak runs
DOCKER_PROFILE Profile Profile file for environment variables related to Docker Machine
MACHINE_CPU 2 Number of the CPU cores on the Docker Machine instance
MACHINE_MEM 4096 Amount of RAM on the Docker Machine instance
MACHINE_NAME cbd Name of the Docker Machine instance
MACHINE_OPTS "--xhyve-virtio-9p" Extra options for Docker Machine instance
MACHINE_STORAGE_PATH $HOME/.docker/machine Docker Machine storage path


Default value fro UAA_DEFAULT_USER_GROUPS is:


Change SMTP Parameters

If you want to change SMTP parameters, add them your Profile.

The default values of the SMTP parameters are:


If your SMTP server uses SMTPS, you must set the protocol in your Profile to smtps:


Configure Consul

Cloudbreak uses Consul for DNS resolution. All Cloudbreak related services are registered as someservice.service.consul.

Consul’s built-in DNS server is able to fallback on another DNS server. This option is called -recursor. Cloudbreak Deployer first tries to discover the DNS settings of the host by looking for nameserver entry in the /etc/resolv.conf file. If it finds one, consul will use it as a recursor. Otherwise, it will use

For a full list of available consul config options, refer to Consul documentation.

To pass any additional Consul configuration, define the DOCKER_CONSUL_OPTIONS variable in the Profile file.

Add Tags in Profile (AWS)

In order to differentiate launched instances, you can optionally define custom tags for your AWS resources deployed by Cloudbreak.