Configuring Cloud Data Access
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Configure access to ADLS Gen2

When creating a cluster with Cloudbreak, you can configure access from the cluster a to ADLS Gen2.


  1. In order to access ADLS Gen2 from clusters, your account must have the following permissions:
      "Actions": [
      "DataActions": [

    You can find more information about these permissions by using the following Azure CLI command:

    az provider operation show --namespace Microsoft.Storage
  2. If you are NOT using hierarchical namespace, then you must set up the container that you want to use with your cluster.


  1. In Cloudbreak web UI, on the advanced Cloud Storage page of the create a cluster wizard, select Use existing ABFS storage.
  2. Provide the following parameters for your registered application:
    • Storage Account Name

    • Access Key

    You can obtain the storage account name and the access key from the storage account’s Settings > Access keys:

  3. Once your cluster is in the running state, you will be able to access the ADLS Gen2 storage account from the cluster nodes.