DAS: Core Concepts
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Data Analytics Studio overview

Data Analytics Studio (DAS) is an application that provides diagnostic tools and intelligent recommendations to make the business analysts self-sufficient and productive with Hive.

DAS helps you to perform operations on Hive tables and provides recommendations for optimizing the performance of your queries. With DAS, you can search for queries, compose and execute queries, manage databases to create and edit tables, view reports and recommendations to optimize the query performance.

About DAS and DAS-Lite

DAS has two variants: DAS and DAS-Lite. DAS-Lite is a subset of the full-featured version of DAS. The following features that are available in DAS are not available in DAS-Lite:
  • Query optimization recommendation

  • Query comparison

  • Table optimization recommendation

  • Read and write report

  • Join report

DAS and DAS-Lite have the same release versions. However, the binaries for DAS and DAS-Lite are different for a given version. You must download the appropriate binary (DAS or DAS-LIte) depending on your purchase from Hortonworks before starting the installation.