DAS: Core Concepts
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Installation roadmap

The DAS cluster components comprise of the DAS Webapp and a DAS Event Processor. These components are installed on the Ambari cluster to use with DAS.

To install DAS/DAS-Lite, review the installation roadmap and follow the steps. We strongly encourage you to read the support requirements and the pre-installation tasks before you start the installation.

Table 1. DAS/DAS-Lite installation roadmap
No. Task Description
Pre-installation tasks
1 Check the minimal cluster requirements. To install and set up the necessary components and services, see Install the prerequisite components and services.
2 Check the cluster configuration for Hive and Tez.

Check the configuration settings for Hive and Tez in Ambari. See Check cluster configuration for Hive and Tez.

3 Create and set up a local repository. Hortonworks does not host any public repository for DAS. Therefore, you need to setup a local repository to install the binaries. See Create and set up a local repository.
4 Configure the PostgreSQL database. DAS requires a PostgreSQL database for storing query event information. See Configure PostgreSQL database.
Installing and configuring DAS on the HDP clusters
5 Install the DAS management pack. Install DAS cluster components (the DAS Webapp and the DAS Event Processor) on the same machine on which you have installed the Ambari server, using an Ambari management pack (MPack). See Installing the DAS cluster components.
6 Add the DAS service. After installing the DAS MPack through the Ambari console, add the DAS service through the Ambari UI. See Adding the DAS Service through the Ambari UI.
Post-installation tasks
7 Set up tmp directory. You need write permission on the /tmp directory to write logs for secure clusters. See Setting up the tmp directory.
8 Complete the additional configuration tasks. You can increase or decrease the time for which the audit and event logs are retained in the system, after which they are auto-purged. You can also make DAS work with HiveServer2 in case your Hive deployment is not LLAP-enabled and does not have Hive Server Interactive. See Additional configuration tasks.
9 Configure DAS for SSL. It is recommended that you configure DAS for SSL. You can configure SSL if your HDP cluster is SSL-enabled. See (Recommended) Configuring DAS for SSL/TLS.
10 Configure user authentication. To authenticate users using either Knox SSO, Knox proxy, or SPNEGO, configuring Knox SSO for HA clusters, and to enable Knox SSO logout option, see Configuring user authentication.