DAS: Core Concepts
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Understanding and obtaining DAS binaries

Access to Data Analytics Studio application for production purposes requires authentication. To access this application, you must have an active subscription agreement along with the required authentication credentials (namely, the username and password).

The authentication credentials are provided in an email sent to the customer account from Cloudera when a new license is issued. If you have an existing license with a Data Analytics Studio entitlement, you might not have received an email.

If you do not have the authentication credentials, contact your account representative to receive the same.

Make sure that you download the DAS/DAS-Lite binaries according to the HDP version and operating system as given in the following table.

Table 1. Obtaining binaries: DAS deployed in a standalone cluster
Versions and Operating Systems CentOS 7 Ubuntu Debian
HDP 3.x
  • HDP 3 MPack for CentOS

  • HDP 3 DAS/DAS Lite tarball for CentOS

  • HDP 3 MPack for Ubuntu

  • HDP 3 DAS/DAS Lite tarball for Ubuntu

  • HDP 3 MPack for Debian

  • HDP 3 DAS/DAS Lite tarball for Debian

DAS is provided as RPMs in tarball repositories and as an Ambari Management Pack (MPack).

The DAS cluster components are installed in to your cluster using the Ambari MPack. The DAS cluster components are available for RHEL/CentOS/OEL 7, Debian 9 (HDP 3.x), and Ubuntu 16 platforms.

To download the Data Analytics Studio application, follow these steps:
  1. Log into the cloudera.com account associated with the Data Analytics Studio license agreement.
  2. On the Data Analytics Studio download page, click CHOOSE APPLICATION.
  3. Select:
    • DAS MPack
    • DAS RPMs
  4. Click Download Now.

    A table listing the release packages with the associated release numbers, supported operating system, and downloadable link is displayed.

  5. Click the appropriate link to download the required components.
Table 2. Supported platforms - DAS cluster components
DAS/DAS-Lite CentOS 7 Debian 9 Ubuntu 16
DAS Cluster Components

(DAS Event Processor and DAS Webapp)

Yes Yes (HDP 3.1.5) Yes