Data Analytics Studio Installation
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Support requirements

Before installing Data Analytics Studio (DAS/DAS-Lite), you must consider various aspects of your HDP environment and prepare your clusters.

Support matrix information

You can find the most current information about interoperability for this release on the Support Matrix. The Support Matrix tool provides information about:
  • Operating Systems

  • Databases

  • Browsers

  • JDKs

To access the tool, go to:

DAS requirements

DAS cluster components comprise of the DAS Webapp and a DAS Event Processor. These are installed into your HDP cluster.

Table 1. DAS/DAS-Lite cluster requirements
Item Specification/Version
Hortonworks Data Platform
  • HDP 3.1.5
Cluster services
  • YARN
  • HDFS
  • Hive
  • Knox
  • Ranger
Cluster operating systems
  • HDP 3.1.5
    • RHEL/CentOS/OEL 7
    • Debian 9
    • Ubuntu 16
Databases PostgreSQL 9.6
Table 2. DAS/DAS-Lite port specifications
Default Port Number Description Additional Information
30900 Data Analytics Studio Event Processor server port
30901 Data Analytics Studio Event Processor admin server port
30800 Data Analytics Studio Webapp server port
30801 Data Analytics Studio Webapp admin port
5432 Postgres database DAS uses Postgres database to store information.

DAS interacts with the other services using the following ports:

Table 3. Services port specifications
Default Port Number Description Additional Information
8020 NameNode host
50010 All DataNode hosts
8080 Ambari server host
10501 Hive interactive thrift port
10500 Hive interactive HiveServer2 Port
10000 HiveServer2 host Binary mode port (Thrift)
10001 HiveServer2 host HTTP mode port
2181 ZooKeeper hosts
8050 YARN port