Data Analytics Studio Installation
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Prepare the web server for the local repository

The first step is to configure a web server on which you want to create the local repository.

  • Set up a local repository host that runs a supported operating system.

  • Enable network access from your target Ambari host to the local repository host.

  • Ensure that the web server host has a package manager, such as yum (for RHEL, CentOS, or Oracle Linux), installed.

  1. Create an HTTP server.
    1. On the local repository host, install an HTTP server (such as Apache httpd) using the instructions provided on the Apache community website.
    2. Activate the server.
    3. Ensure that any firewall settings allow inbound HTTP access from your cluster nodes to your local repository host.
      If you are using Amazon EC2, make sure that SELinux is disabled.
  2. On your local repository host, create a directory for your web server by entering the following command:
    mkdir -p /var/www/html/
  3. Optional: If you are using a symlink, enable the followsymlinks on your web server.