Upgrading Data Analytics Studio
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Backing up the configuration

You must copy the DAS configurations from the Ambari UI manually, or you can use a request URL in a browser to download the configurations.

Before you use the request URL, sign in to the Ambari UI from the same browser.

Format of the request URL:

To obtain the cluster_name, on the Ambari UI, click admin > Manage Ambari > Cluster Information and note the value from the Cluster Name field.

Download the configurations in a file. You will need this configuration information when you are adding back the DAS service for the latest release.

The upgrade procedure involves deleting the DAS service from the Ambari UI. This deletes all the configuration that you have done in Ambari. Therefore, make a note of the following information before proceeding to the upgrade procedure:
  • Database password (data_analytics_studio_database_password)

  • Hive session parameters (das_hive_session_params)

  • event_processor_keystore_password

  • webapp_keystore_password

  • Hosts on which you have installed the existing DAS Event processor and the DAS Webapp