Upgrading Data Analytics Studio
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Migrating the managed Postgres database

We recommend that you use a custom database in your production environment. If you have configured a managed PostgreSQL database for production use, you can migrate the existing setup either by retaining the existing database and the data, or by creating a new, custom Postgres server, and configuring DAS to use it.

Creating a new Postgres server

We recommend that you create a new Postgres server and configure DAS to use it. But doing so will bootstrap DAS again, and it can cause you to lose data about the queries that are older than the configured cleanup interval for the Hive and Tez events. To retain the older data, you can migrate data from the existing Postgres instance.

Configuring Postgres while keeping existing database and data

You can make the existing, managed Postgres database a custom database while retaining the data. This is a quick and dirty method of using an existing Postgres database. However, note that after migrating the database, the responsibility of maintaining the database need to be taken by your organization.

You need to complete this step during the upgrade process, after you have installed the latest MPack.