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Pair Clusters for Replication

You must pair two clusters to communicate with one another before you can replicate data between the clusters. After the clusters are paired, you can create a replication policy, during which you establish which are the source and destination clusters in the replication relationship.


Before pairing, clusters must have been enabled for use with Data Lifecycle Manager from the DPS Platform UI.

The clusters you want to pair must have symmetrical security configurations for Kerberos, LDAP, Ranger, Knox, HA, etc.

About This Task

You must be logged in with the DLM Infra Admin role to perform this task.


  1. In the DLM navigation pane, click Pairings.

  2. Click Add Pairing.

    The Create Pairing page displays, showing the clusters that are enabled for replication.


    You can place the cursor over the cluster name to display the cluster location.

  3. Click one of the cluster names.

    All clusters available to be paired with the cluster you selected display in a second column.


    If a cluster displays but cannot be selected, it is already paired with the cluster you selected in the first column.

  4. Click a cluster in the second column.

  5. Click Start Pairing.

    A progress bar displays.

  6. Repeat steps to pair additional clusters.

Next Steps

Create a Replication Policy

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