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Pairing Guidelines and Considerations

  • Pairings are bidirectional, so either cluster in a pair can serve as the source or as the destination in a replication policy.

    You establish through the policy which cluster is the source and which is the destination.

  • For pairing to succeed, host name resolution must work between all the nodes involved (DPS Platform host and all cluster hosts.)

    For example, pairing in DLM fails if the DLM engines on the clusters being paired cannot resolve each other's host name.

  • You can only pair clusters that have been registered with DPS Platform and enabled for use with Data Lifecycle Manager.

  • Cluster security configurations must be symmetrical to pair clusters.

  • The DLM Engine must be configured as Ranger administrator on all DLM-enabled clusters.

  • Clusters must be paired before you can browse HDFS directories in DLM.

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