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Collaborate with other users

Data Stewards can collaborate and share insights with other users in the enterprise regarding various asset collections.

As a data steward, you can rate asset collections and view the average rating of an asset collection. This can help other users to find asset collections with higher ratings easily. You can also add your knowledge and insights about the asset collection by adding comments. Other users can respond to your comments or add their comments about each data asset collection.

On the right hand side of the asset collection page, you can see additional details about the asset collection. The collaboration details are also displayed in this tab. The tab displays the following details - average rating for the asset collection, the number of likes, the number of comments, and the bookmark icon indicating if the asset collection is bookmarked by the current user or not.

You can perform the following collaboration actions for each asset collection.

Like an asset collection

You can let other users know that you like an asset collection. The like icon on the asset collection page displays the total number of likes received by this asset collection.

Click the like icon to add the Asset Collection to your list of liked collections.

Comment and discuss about an asset collection

You might want to share your knowledge or insights about this asset collection with other users. Data Steward Studio allows you to collaborate with other users by adding comments.

Click the comment icon to add a comment about this asset collection. The Collaborate tab expands. Click Actions menu to reply to an existing comment. You can continue to add comments for each asset collection.

Bookmark the asset collection

In addition to sharing with other users, you can also bookmark asset collections for easy access in the future.

Click the bookmark icon to add the asset collection to your list of bookmarks. This asset collection with appear in the list of bookmarks when you click the Bookmarks link on the left navigation menu.

Rate the asset collection

You can also rate the asset collections on a scale of one to five. Click the star icon to rate the open asset collection. The Collaborate tab expands.

Click the stars to provide your own rating. The rating on the Asset Collections page shows the average of the rating provided by various users. The Rating section also displays the number of votes given for this asset collection.

View the tags of an asset collection

You can add tags while creating the asset collection. You can also click on the tags to search for asset collections with similar tags. There are two types of tags. System tags are automatically generated based on the details of the assets in the asset collection. You can add more tags that appear in the list of user generated tags.