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Viewing Profiler Jobs

You can monitor the overall health of your profiler jobs by viewing their status on the Profiler > Jobs.

Each profiler, such as the Sensitive Profiler or Hive Column Profiler, runs a Spark job on a user-defined schedule in a user-defined queue. The queue is defined via the profiler configuration. You can view the status of each of those jobs for all your clusters.

Monitoring the profiler jobs has the following uses:
  • By seeing long-term trends in job execution, you can determine the overall health of your profilers.
  • If you do a data ingest, you can find out if the profiling has completed.
  • Knowing when jobs first failed can help when troubleshooting problems with profilers.
You can take the following actions:
  1. Filter by cluster, job status, or profiler.
  2. Sort by jobs ID, status, start time, cluster, queue, or profilers.
  3. Expand or narrow to show a day, week, or month of jobs.