Command Line Installation
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Prepare Ranger Lookup

Follow these instructions to prepare Ranger lookup:

  1. Create rangerlookup/<FQDN_of_Ranger_Admin>@<REALM>:

    > kadmin.local
    > addprinc -randkey rangerlookup/<FQDN_of_Ranger_Admin>
    > xst -k /etc/security/keytabs/rangerlookup.keytab rangerlookup/<FQDN_of_Ranger_Admin>@<REALM>
    > exit
  2. Verify that rangerlookup created principal:

    > kinit -kt  /etc/security/keytabs/rangerlookup.keytab rangerlookup/<FQDN_of_Ranger_Admin>@<REALM>

    After using the kinit command, there should not be any errors. You can use the klist command to verify that your kinit command was successful.

  3. Use the kdestroy command to destroy your active Kerberos authorization tickets by overwriting and deleting the credentials cache that contains them: