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Configure Kafka

Use the following procedure to configure Kafka.

  1. By default, Kafka is installed at /usr/hdf/current/kafka-broker.

  2. Verify the values of the following configuration properties in the file:

Table 3.1. Kafka Configuration Properties

Kafka Configuration Property



Comma-separated list of directories where Kafka log files are stored. The default value is /kafka-logs.


The hostname or IP address of the host running ZooKeeper and the port to which ZooKeeper listens. The default value is localhost:2181.


The number of hours to wait before a Kafka log file is eligible for deletion. The default value is 168 hours (7 days).


listener - Comma-separated list of URIs on which we listen and their protocols.

Specify hostname as to bind to all interfaces.

Leave hostname empty to bind to default interface.

Examples of legal listener lists:


PLAINTEXT://, SASL_PLAINTEXT://localhost:9093

File descriptor

Kafka uses a very large number of files and also large number of sockets to communicate with clients. We suggest the following values:

  • The maximum number of open files. Recommended value: 128000

  • The maximum number of processes. Recommended value: 65536