Command Line Installation
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Install Ranger KMS

Follow these steps to install Ranger KMS:

  1. Untar the ranger-<version>-SNAPSHOT-kms.tar.gz file:

     tar zxf ranger-<version>-SNAPSHOT-kms.tar.gz
  2. Change directory to ranger-<version>-SNAPSHOT-kms.

    cd ranger-<version>-SNAPSHOT-kms
  3. Edit the file.

    Enter the appropriate values for each of the following properties:

    Table 5.13. Property Values

    kms_principalrangerkms/<FQDN_of_ranger_kms host>@<REALM>


    If the Kerberos server and tagsync are on different hosts, copy the keytab on Ranger KMS host and assign permission to user kms:

    • scp the rangerkms keytab file to the respective path of another host.

    • chown ranger <rangerkms_keytab_path>

    • chmod 400 <rangerkms_keytab_path>

  4. Run setup.

    export JAVA_HOME=<JAVA_path>
  5. Perform other setup required for a kerberized cluster such as creating keytabs, and adding a proxy user. ???ADD REFERENCE HERE???

  6. Start the Ranger KMS server.

    ./ranger-kms start