Command Line Installation
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1. Installing NiFi
Installing NiFi
Installing as a Service
Starting NiFi
Launching the UI
2. Installing Apache ZooKeeper
Install the ZooKeeper Package
Securing ZooKeeper with Kerberos (optional)
Securing ZooKeeper Access
ZooKeeper Configuration
YARN Configuration
HDFS Configuration
Set Directories and Permissions
Set Up the Configuration Files
Start ZooKeeper
3. Installing and Configuring Apache Kafka
Install Kafka
Configure Kafka
Validate Kafka
4. Installing and Configuring Apache Storm
Install the Storm Package
Configure Storm
Configure a Process Controller
(Optional) Configure Kerberos Authentication for Storm
(Optional) Configuring Authorization for Storm
Validate the Installation
5. Installing Apache Ranger
Installation Prerequisites
Installing Policy Manager
Install the Ranger Policy Manager
Install the Ranger Policy Administration Service
Start the Ranger Policy Administration Service
Configuring the Ranger Policy Administration Authentication Mode
Configuring Ranger Policy Administration High Availability
Installing UserSync
Using the LDAP Connection Check Tool
Install UserSync and Start the Service
Installing Ranger Plug-ins
Installing the Ranger HDFS Plug-in
Installing the Ranger YARN Plug-in
Installing the Ranger Kafka Plug-in
Installing the Ranger HBase Plug-in
Installing the Ranger Hive Plug-in
Installing the Ranger Knox Plug-in
Installing the Ranger Storm Plug-in
Installing Ranger in a Kerberized Environment
Creating Keytab and Principals
Installing Ranger Services
Manually Installing and Enabling the Ranger Plug-ins
Verifying the Installation