Installing an HDF Cluster
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Chapter 4. Install an HDF Cluster Using Ambari

About This Task

After you start the Ambari service, you can open Ambari web in a browser and launch the Install wizard to prepare for installing an HDF cluster.


  1. Navigate to http://<your.ambari.server>:8080, where <your.ambari.server> is the name of your Ambari server host.

  2. Log in to the Ambari server by using the default user name and password: admin and admin. You can change these credentials later.

  3. In the Ambari Welcome page, choose Launch Install Wizard.

  4. In the Get Started step, specify a name for your cluster.

  5. In the Select Version page, remove all repositories except the one appropriate for your operating system. Change the Base URL for HDF to the base URL appropriate for your operating system. Find the HDF Base URLs in the HDF Release Notes.

    The wizard page should look similar to the following example: