Installing an HDF Cluster
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Configure Schema Registry

About This Task

The main Schema Registry configuration task you have is to establish a connection between Schema Registry and the database you want to use as the metadata store.


  1. In the Customize Services step, navigate to the REGISTRY CONFIG section of the Registry tab.

  2. Select Jar Storage Type and then the storage type that you want to use.

    If you plan to enable HA for Schema Registry on this cluster, you must select HDFS.

  3. If you selected HDFS as the Jar Storage Type, configure Jar Storage HDFS URL. This specifies the HDFS location where you want the jars to be stored. For example, hdfs://<<NN_HOST:8020:/hdfs/registry.

  4. Configure to the directory in which you want to store .jar files for serializers and deserializers.

  5. Configure the REGISTRY STORAGE configurations based on the database you created to use as the Schema Registry metadata store.

  6. Ensure that the registry storage connector URL has the fully qualified name of the host on which the database was installed and the connector url and default port for the database selected.


MYSQL example:


Postgres Example:


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