Installing an HDF Cluster
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Installing MySQL

About This Task

You can install MySQL 5.5 or later.

Before You Begin

On the Ambari host, install the JDBC driver for MySQL, and then add it to Ambari:

yum install mysql-connector-java* \
sudo ambari-server setup --jdbc-db=mysql \


  1. Log in to the node on which you want to install the MySQL metastore to use for SAM, Schema Registry, and Druid.

  2. Install MySQL and the MySQL community server, and start the MySQL service:

    yum localinstall \
    yum install mysql-community-server
    systemctl start mysqld.service
  3. Obtain a randomly generated MySQL root password:

    grep 'A temporary password is generated for root@localhost' \
    /var/log/mysqld.log |tail -1
  4. Reset the MySQL root password. Enter the following command, followed by the password you obtained in the previous step. MySQL will ask you to change the password.