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System Properties

Many of the same system properties are supported by both the Persistent and Write Ahead configurations, however the default values have been chosen for a Persistent Provenance configuration. The following exceptions and recommendations should be noted when changing to a Write Ahead configuration:

  • nifi.provenance.repository.journal.count is not relevant to a Write Ahead configuration

  • nifi.provenance.repository.concurrent.merge.threads and nifi.provenance.repository.warm.cache.frequency are new properties. The default values of 2 for threads and blank for frequency (i.e. disabled) should remain for most installations.

  • Change the settings for (default value of 24 hours) and (default value of 1 GB) to values more suitable for your production environment

  • Change nifi.provenance.repository.index.shard.size from the default value of 500 MB to 4 GB

  • Change nifi.provenance.repository.index.threads from the default value of 2 to either 4 or 8 as the Write Ahead repository enables this to scale better

  • If processing a high volume of events, change nifi.provenance.repository.rollover.time from a default of 30 secs to 1 min and nifi.provenance.repository.rollover.size from the default of 100 MB to 1 GB

Once these property changes have been made, restart NiFi.

Note: Detailed descriptions for each of these properties can be found in System Properties.