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Fixed Issues

Fixed issues represents selected issues that were previously logged via Hortonworks Support, but are now addressed in the current release. These issues may have been reported in previous versions within the Known Issues section; meaning they were reported by customers or identified by Hortonworks Quality Engineering team.

Table 1.
Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-113596 NIFI-5771

If 0-byte FlowFiles are load balanced, it can result in content claim not being cleaned up.

BUG-113525 NIFI-5741 JndiJmsConnectionFactory does not properly wrap returned ConnectionFactory with ClassLoader-specific proxy.
BUG-113524 NIFI-5746 The SEND and RECEIVE provenance events for load balancing do not have the same transit uri syntax.


NIFI-5745 Load Balanced Connections can stop balancing across the cluster if all nodes report backpressure and all data are destined for another node.
BUG-113115 NIFI-5143, NIFI-5727 Optimize GenerateTableFetch to remove unnecessary COUNT(*).
BUG-112988 N/A Unable to update Kafka policy repo in Ranger UI.
BUG-112949 N/A Auto Setup SSO in SR.
BUG-112896 NIFI-5721 ConsumeMQTT processor can exhaust system threads.
BUG-112895 NIFI-5714 Hive[3]ConnectionPool - Kerberos Authentication issue/misleading.
BUG-112755 N/A Backport 032f531914 commit to fix ducktape test failures.
BUG-112444 N/A Revisit HDF and SMM kerberos.json definitions.
BUG-112406 N/A Support HDF-3.1 upgrade to HDF-3.3.
BUG-112333 N/A Introduce SSO for Schema Registry.
BUG-111825 N/A Storm should handle a customized Zookeeper service principal name.
BUG-110979 NIFI-5592 Kafka records fails parsing (1 in 4 records).
BUG-110942 N/A HDF - Knox policymgr_mgr_url not populated when Ranger-Knox plugin is enabled.
BUG-110661 NIFI-3425 Cache prepared statements in PutCassandraQL.
BUG-110648 N/A Unify nifi-toolkit and configuration utilities in HDF mpack.
BUG-110396 N/A Knox Ranger Plugin Issue - Repository creation failed - since HDF 3.2 does not have knox in ranger.supportedcomponents.
BUG-110293 NIFI-5282 GCS processors do not work with proxy.
BUG-110268 N/A Kafka should handle a customized Zookeeper service principal name.
BUG-110266 N/A NiFi/NiFi Toolkit should handle a customized Zookeeper service principal name.
BUG-109995 N/A Logging from NiFi CLI Execution in Ambari should hide sensitive passwords.
BUG-109795 N/A Kerberos json api changes should be applied to HDF components.
BUG-109540 N/A SMM tries to connect to ambari metrics on HTTPS even if started on HTTP.
BUG-109146 N/A Ranger compilation failure on HDF- and HDF-3.2-maint.
BUG-108841 N/A Kafka 2.x uptake into HDF-3.3.
BUG-108717 N/A Upgrade Jackson-databind library.
BUG-108549 NIFI-5479 Upgrade Jetty.
BUG-108524 NIFI-5595 NiFi is prone to CSRF Attack.
BUG-108503 N/A

UI - Apply HDF Branding.

BUG-107138 N/A Improve handling of conf files in the HDF mpack.
BUG-106496 N/A Auto Config of NiFi Registry with NiFi should catch and log exception as warning.
BUG-104177 N/A Add Knox service definition for SMM.
BUG-99907 N/A NiFi Toolkit Should Be Configured as Library Dependency for NiFi CA, NiFi, and NiFi Registry.