Release Notes
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What's New in HDF 3.3.0

HDF 3.3.0 is a minor release that includes the following new features and bug fixes.

Apache Kafka Updates

Kafka has been upgraded from 1.1.1 to 2.0.0.

Kafka Streams now supported

Kafka Streams is now officially supported. Kafka Streams is fully integrated with platform services like Ranger and Schema Registry and supports secure and unsecure clusters.

New features and improvements in Apache Kafka include:

  • KAFKA-6576 Configurable Quota Management (KIP-257).

  • KAFKA-6841 Add support for Prefixed ACLs.

  • KAFKA-6886 Externalize Secrets for Kafka Connect Configurations.

  • KAFKA-6935 KIP-295 Add Streams Config for Optional Optimization.

For a full list of bug fixes, see the following:

Apache Knox Updates

New features and improvements in Apache Knox include:

  • Knox SSO support for Schema Registry.

  • Knox Gateway support for SMM Rest Server.

  • Knox SSO support for SAM.

Schema Registry Updates

New features and bug fixes in Schema Registry include:

  • ISSUE-477 De-serialize API without a reader schema.

  • ISSUE-481 Fixed SQL injection for search queries.

  • ISSUE-485 Fix adding large schema text for oracle.

  • ISSUE-486 Fix deadlocks in storage layer during concurrent calls to SR.

  • ISSUE-402 Registry 'Jar Storage HDFS URL' does not work for Namenode HA.

  • ISSUE-87 Add support for Kafka Header Registry.

  • ISSUE-489 Add docs on supporting Kafka Message Header to save schemaVersionId.

  • ISSUE-492 Updated spring-context to 5.0.7.RELEASE to resolve security vulnerabilities.

  • MINOR Fixed javadoc errors.

Apache Ranger Updates

Ranger has been upgraded from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0.

New features and bug fixes in Ranger include:

New Features:

  • RMP-12275 Address Kafka Ranger Plugin compatibility with Kafka 2.0.

  • RMP-11946 Add prefixed wildcard support for ACLs with Kafka resources.

  • RMP-11944 Add support for Create operation with Topic resource in Kafka.

  • RMP-11943 Add support for cluster resource type for Kafka.

  • RMP-11854 Add support for `DelegationToken` resource type with `Describe` operation for Kafka.

Platform Integration Updates

  • Express and Rolling Upgrade Definition for HDF 3.3

  • HDF 3.3. includes SMARTSENSE service

  • Add Schema Registry to HDF Messaging Deployment on Cloudbreak

Apache NiFi Updates

NiFi has been upgraded from 1.7.0 to 1.8.0.

New features and improvements in Apache NiFi include:

  • Secure cluster communication between nodes now requires two-way SSL.

  • Connections support load balancing across the cluster.

  • Nodes can be offloaded to prepare for decommissioning.

  • It is easier to create a cluster on Docker with docker-compose and environment variables.

  • New or improved processors and controller services:
    • LookupService that uses ElasticSearch.

    • NetFlow processors.

    • JoltTransformRecord processor.

    • Processors for interacting with Apache Kafka 2.0.

    • SQL results can now be output as records in any supported format.

    • ListenHTTP Processor supports multipart requests.

  • Configure load balancing and load balancing compression from the Connection Properties dialog.

  • Connections indicate load balancing status.

  • Cluster Summary dialog allows offloading disconnected nodes.

  • New documentation for load balancing and node offloading.

  • NiFi port list.

For a full list of bug fixes, see the following:

Apache NiFi Registry Updates

NiFi Registry has been upgraded from 0.2.0 to 0.3.0.

New Features:

  • NIFIREG-180 Expose DB configuration properties through docker image.

  • NIFIREG-181 Make flow provider configurable in docker.

  • NIFIREG-190 Support for Event Whitelisting in the Registry Event Hooks.

  • NIFIREG-192 Create/Add REGISTRY_START event that fires when the NiFi Registry initially starts.

  • NIFIREG-194 Update VersionedConnection to allow load balancing configuration.

Key Bugs Fixed:

  • NIFIREG-193 Upgrade superagent.

  • NIFIREG-196 Upgrade lodash, parsejson, https-proxy-agent.

  • NIFIREG-198 VersionedRemoteProcessGroup targetUri and targetUris return incorrect derived value.

For a full list of bug fixes, see the following:

Apache MiNiFi Java Updates

MiNiFi Java has been upgraded from 0.5.0 to 0.6.0.

New Features:

  • MINIFI-470 Update NiFi dependency to 1.7.1.

  • MINIFI-468 Update Docker resources to reflect current versioning.

Key Bugs Fixed:

  • MINIFI-477 Upgrade dependencies to NiFi 1.8.0.

  • MINIFI-473 Make formatting in Sys Admin Guide and Java Quick Start Guide consistent with NiFi documentation.

  • MINIFI-472 Update dependencies as reported by dependencies versions plugin.

  • MINIFI-471 Upgrade Jetty version.

  • MINIFI-469 Support osx in travis build.

  • MINIFI-461 Display application startup time in human-readable seconds.

Apache MiNiFi C++ Updates

MiNiFi C++ has been upgraded from 0.5.0 to 0.6.0.

New Features:

Key Bugs Fixed: