Release Notes
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Ranger Patches

This release provides Ranger 1.2.0 and the listed Apache patches.

  • RANGER-2278: Unable to delete user if he has references in new ref tables

  • RANGER-2248: Sorting does not work in

  • RANGER-2257: Add policyID to error message when click the Access log of Audit

  • RANGER-2258: Improve the policy list page to prompt users when the service is disabled

  • RANGER-2264: Kafka default policies for new resources are not showing up in UI when upgrade is done from older version

  • RANGER-2251: Need to provide options for making java heap size memory configurable in Ranger services

  • RANGER-2259: Need to provide appropriate permissions for unix-auth files.

  • RANGER-2252: Permission Kafka Admin should not be part of Topic resource in Ranger Kafka resource definition

  • RANGER-2209: Added Ranger service definition for ABFS

  • RANGER-2220: minify JavaScript files during packaging

  • RANGER-2238: String comparison should not use '==' in

  • RANGER-2249: Ranger Audit not flushed immediately to hdfs

  • RANGER-2235: Modify the login session detail page as a modal

  • RANGER-2241: Removed mds and sha1 generation

  • RANGER-2222: Apache RangerKafkaPlugin support to handle Kafka Cluster as a new resource

  • RANGER-2210: Ranger support for Apache Kafka 2.0.0