Using the Apache NiFi Toolkit
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The NiFi Toolkit contains several command line utilities to setup and support NiFi in standalone and clustered environments. The utilities include:

  • CLI - The cli tool enables administrators to interact with NiFi and NiFi Registry instances to automate tasks such as deploying versioned flows and managing process groups and cluster nodes.

  • Encrypt Config - The encrypt-config tool encrypts the sensitive keys in the file to facilitate the setup of a secure NiFi instance.

  • File Manager - The file-manager tool enables administrators to backup, install or restore a NiFi installation from backup.

  • Flow Analyzer - The flow-analyzer tool produces a report that helps administrators understand the max amount of data which can be stored in backpressure for a given flow.

  • Node Manager - The node-manager tool enables administrators to perform status checks on nodes as well as the ability to connect, disconnect, or remove nodes from the cluster.

  • Notify - The notify tool enables administrators to send bulletins to the NiFi UI.

  • S2S - The s2s tool enables administrators to send data into or out of NiFi flows over site-to-site.

  • TLS Toolkit - The tls-toolkit utility generates the required keystores, truststore, and relevant configuration files to facilitate the setup of a secure NiFi instance.

  • ZooKeeper Migrator - The zk-migrator tool enables administrators to:

    • move ZooKeeper information from one ZooKeeper cluster to another

    • migrate ZooKeeper node ownership

The utilities are executed with scripts found in the bin folder of your NiFi Toolkit installation.

The NiFi Toolkit is downloaded separately from NiFi (see the Apache NiFi Downloads page).