Using the Apache NiFi Toolkit
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Potential issues with wildcard certificates

  • In many places throughout the codebase, cluster communications use certificate identities many times to identify a node, and if the certificate simply presents a wildcard DN, that doesn't resolve to a specific node

  • Admins may need to provide a custom node identity in authorizers.xml for * because all proxy actions only resolve to the cert DN.

  • Admins have no traceability into which node performed an action because they all resolve to the same DN

  • Admins running multiple instances on the same machine using different ports to identify them can accidentally put node1 hostname with node2 port, and the address will resolve fine because it's using the same certificate, but the host header handler will block it because the node1 hostname is (correctly) not listed as an acceptable host for node2 instance

  • If the wildcard certificate is compromised, all nodes are compromised

JKS keystores and truststores are recommended for NiFi. This tool allows the specification of other keystore types on the command line but will ignore a type of PKCS12 for use as the truststore because that format has some compatibility issues between BouncyCastle and Oracle implementations.