Using the Apache NiFi Toolkit
Also available as:


To show help:

./bin/ -h

The following are available options:

  • -b,--bootstrapConf <arg> Existing Bootstrap Configuration file (required)

  • -d,--nifiInstallDir <arg> NiFi Root Folder (required)

  • -h,--help Help Text (optional)

  • -o, --operation <arg> Operations supported: status, connect (cluster), disconnect (cluster), remove (cluster)

  • -p,--proxyDN <arg> Proxy or User DN (required for secured nodes doing connect, disconnect and remove operations)

  • -u,--clusterUrls <arg> Comma delimited list of active urls for cluster (optional). Not required for disconnecting a node yet will be needed when connecting or removing from a cluster

  • -v,--verbose Verbose messaging (optional)

To connect, disconnect, or remove a node from a cluster: -d {$NIFI_HOME} -b { nifi bootstrap file path}
-o {remove|disconnect|connect|status} [-u {url list}] [-p {proxy name}] [-v]

Example usage on Linux:

# disconnect without cluster url list
-d /usr/nifi/nifi_current
-b /usr/nifi/nifi_current/conf/bootstrap.conf
-o disconnect
-p ydavis@nifi
#with url list
-d /usr/nifi/nifi_current
-b /usr/nifi/nifi_current/conf/bootstrap.conf
-o connect
-u 'http://nifi-server-1:8080,http://nifi-server-2:8080'

Example usage on Windows:

-d "C:\\Program Files\\nifi\\nifi-1.2.0-SNAPSHOT"
-b "C:\\Program Files\\nifi\\nifi-1.2.0-SNAPSHOT\\conf\\bootstrap.conf"
-o disconnect