Getting Started with Apache NiFi
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Routing and Mediation

  • ControlRate: Throttle the rate at which data can flow through one part of the flow

  • DetectDuplicate: Monitor for duplicate FlowFiles, based on some user-defined criteria. Often used in conjunction with HashContent

  • DistributeLoad: Load balance or sample data by distributing only a portion of data to each user-defined Relationship

  • MonitorActivity: Sends a notification when a user-defined period of time elapses without any data coming through a particular point in the flow. Optionally send a notification when dataflow resumes.

  • RouteOnAttribute: Route FlowFile based on the attributes that it contains.

  • ScanAttribute: Scans the user-defined set of Attributes on a FlowFile, checking to see if any of the Attributes match the terms found in a user-defined dictionary.

  • RouteOnContent: Search Content of a FlowFile to see if it matches any user-defined Regular Expression. If so, the FlowFile is routed to the configured Relationship.

  • ScanContent: Search Content of a FlowFile for terms that are present in a user-defined dictionary and route based on the presence or absence of those terms. The dictionary can consist of either textual entries or binary entries.

  • ValidateXml: Validation XML Content against an XML Schema; routes FlowFile based on whether or not the Content of the FlowFile is valid according to the user-defined XML Schema.