Getting Started with Apache NiFi
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In addition to the statistics provided by each component, a user will want to know if any problems occur. While we could monitor the logs for anything interesting, it is much more convenient to have notifications pop up on the screen. If a Processor logs anything as a WARNING or ERROR, we will see a "Bulletin Indicator" show up in the top-right-hand corner of the Processor. This indicator looks like a sticky note and will be shown for five minutes after the event occurs. Hovering over the bulletin provides information about what happened so that the user does not have to sift through log messages to find it. If in a cluster, the bulletin will also indicate which node in the cluster emitted the bulletin. We can also change the log level at which bulletins will occur in the Settings tab of the Configure dialog for a Processor.

If the framework emits a bulletin, we will also see a bulletin indicator highlighted at the top-right of the screen. In the Global Menu is a Bulletin Board option. Clicking this option will take us to the bulletin board where we can see all bulletins that occur across the NiFi instance and can filter based on the component, the message, etc.